Yes You Can!

Posted by Fran on September 23, 2015

A children's classic book. The Little Engine That Could, is a story about a small little train engine who attempted something seemingly impossible.  He thought he could - he tried - and therefore - he did!

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Wait Is never fun - but don't give up!

Posted by Fran on October 25, 2012

When we want or need something desparately-it is never fun to wait. However, more times than not, wait is what we have to do. But, if we keep our eyes on the Lord and wait on Him, and work while we wait--it will surely come--eventually!


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A New Beginning?

Posted by Fran on January 1, 2012

 There’s just something about a spread of glistening, white, pure untouched snow. That’s why many calendars have the December or January picture of a meadow or field covered with fresh fallen snow. It’s fitting not only for that time of year but for its beauty.

Set before each and every one of us is a 365 day long field of gorgeous un-walked snow.


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The Meaning of Christmas

Posted by Fran on December 14, 2011

Have you ever thought Christmas and the month of December were more trouble than they are worth; too much shopping, wrapping, cooking, working, visiting, eating, etc etc? You are not alone. But there is good news. It still is the greatest event that has ever taken place in human history.

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This is Your Day

Posted by Fran on November 5, 2011

  Are you thinking perhaps this is not going to be such a great day for you? Not so! Stop going by what you think or feel, and listen to God.

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Our Brother Pastor Yousef Nardkhani

Posted by admin on October 27, 2011

Even in America the land of the brave and free -  people are sometimes persecuted for their religious beliefs. However, it is nothing compared to what others must endure in other parts of the world.

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