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Zachary’s baseball practice is rained out again. He is stuck in the house again. He then decides he’s bored and there’s nothing to do! However, Zach soon finds himself in a most unusual, upside-down, inside-out very unboring land. While he thinks this is everything he could ever want – he soon finds out unending excitement and too much sweets are not as great as he thought. After too much of everything non-stop Zach decides it’s good to listen to mom and his Sunday School teacher .  

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Author | Pastor | Speaker

Fran Fernandez

Fran Fernandez is an author, pastor and speaker.

Her first book, The Best Is Yet To Come is a 60 day devotional. There are meditations with targeted scripture, focused prayer, and practical application. This devotional guide is written to help women in their journey to a deeper relationship with God that she was born for!

She will be releasing her first children’s book, I’m Bored! this summer!

Fran has been married to her husband, Frank for 58 years. They’ve been blessed with three children, eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild. They live in Long Island, NY. 

Fran’s Blog

Beware: Christmas May be Hazardous to Your Health!

One of the most health defying, emotionally challenging and pocket-draining traditions, is of course The-Christmas-Shopping For-The-Kids! You spend half a year’s salary (next year’s that is). A whole year’s energy trying to find exactly what the dears asked for.

Embrace the Day?

Mary Magdalene was a marked woman. People most likely walked a wide circle around this woman who was possessed with demons. But, one day like every other, where she dreaded leaving her house—Jesus met her and set her free. How good it was that Mary didn’t stay in bed with her head covered.

Fran’s Devotional

The Best Is Yet To Come

The Best Is Yet to Come is an encouraging and motivating devotional for women who have been so caught up in the hectic pace of life that they have forgotten their own greatness and potential as women of God. Offering sixty devotional meditations with targeted Scripture, focused prayer, and practical application, this devotional guide was written for women by a woman—a minister, mother, and grandmother, who knows that a woman’s fulfillment is found in a deeper relationship with God. Author Fran Fernandez says, ‘Today’s Christian woman is hungering for more of God and the abundant life He promised. To reach, and maintain this goal of intimacy with the Lord, daily, she has to stop to refuel at the source—God and His word. Only in this secret place hidden in the arms of her beloved, her ear pressed against His heart, can a woman be complete.’ Written with baby boomer women in mind, the timeless principles apply to any Christian woman, no matter what her age or background. The Best Is Yet to Come shows women that God is calling them to ever greater works, and that a truly dedicated woman of faith is never limited to what has been, because she worships the God of unlimited love and possibility.

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