Are You Thankful!

Even before we know the alphabet we are taught manners. We are programmed to say thank you. Sometimes we are too young even know to what it means—but we learn to say it. Eventually we learn what thank you means.

It does seem today that manners, and especially “thank you” are out of vogue. However, everyone likes to hear thank you, and/or an acknowledgement when something is given or done.

My local paper has two advice columns. For sure more than twice a year someone will write in about what to do when they have sent a gift or money and there is not even a response never mind a thank you.  And there is the same question for when someone has done something special and nary a ‘now nice’ or a ‘thank you.’

Books have been written about manners. Courses are given about manners. Engagements have been broken because of lack of manners. In the past kids were sent to principal’s office because they didn’t have them (unfortunately not so today!) Manners have been around as long as people have lived In a civilized society.

In the bible we are told to have manners. Jesus Himself expected a thank you. He had healed ten lepers, and only one came back to thank Him. His response to the one was, “Were not ten cleansed? But, where are the nine?” He expected a thank you from each one of them.

Jesus not only expected thanks from people but He gave thanks. He gave thanks for His food, He gave thanks to the Father…

It is in our DNA to expect a thank you.

God not only expects us to be thankful for what people do, and to thank them, He  expects us to be thankful for Him, and all He does.

Children, and even adults, can get away with saying thank you without meaning it. But, not with God. A mere saying of it won’t do with Him. He expects it of the heart – for real. Even parents at times after a child has given a half-hearted thank you, or it has been forced out of them, will say – can you at least say it with some feeling – like you mean it!

But God wants more than the saying of thank you.  He wants us to be thankful.

And so we should be thankful.

For no one has done for us more than God! He first of all created us! Our very breath going in and out depends on Him.

He loved us while we were yet sinners. He showed us that when His arms were opened wide on the cross saying – this is how much I love you.

Contracts and marriage certificates are signed in ink. However, God’s love contract with us God is signed in His blood—and nothing is going to wash it away!

Now that’s something to be eternally thankful for.

His love is not like our mere human love. Our human love at its finest—has limitations.  But not God. He loves us unconditionally and forever!! Now that’s something to shout about, and be thankful for— again and again and always.

His love has no end. His love doesn’t stop at the grave. It is forever and ever.

We are not only to be thankful here on earth and giving Him thanks, we will be doing it in heaven too. It has gone on in past, and today, and will forever. For the praise to God and thanksgiving to Him goes on forever and ever in heaven.

The list of things we have to be thankful for goes on and on and on. Just think of food.  He is the one who provides the seed, the soil, the sun, the water!  The strength and know how to grow it and harvest.

Our wonderful God didn’t only give us seven different types of food one for each day of week over and over. He gave us an innumerable variety of food!  A smorgasbord to choose from. Something for everyone’s taste-just for our enjoyment and pleasure. He also promises we will always have food, and our children will never have to go begging to eat.

Now that is indeed something to be thankful for.

There is no end of things to be thankful for from His loving, full and good hand.

I will just add one last one—His goodness. He is the epitome of goodness. There is nothing in Him that is not good. And His goodness is directed to His people – you and me!  He has a good plan and a good future for each one of us. We are surrounded by His goodness, and it will follow us to heaven and even be more gooder!

Over and over in the Old Testaments, and especially in the book of Psalms God’s people thanked Him for His goodness—may we follow in these saints of old footsteps. Actually when they were dedicating the temple the musicians, singers and priest were thanking Him over and over—and God showed up!

I’m right with you all in falling behind in being thankful and remembering to tell Him so. I give you the challenge, and took it up myself to try and wake up each morning thanking Him for Him, and each night when I go to bed to thank Him for Him and something He did for me that day.

Who knows if we keep doing it—God may show up!