One thing about kids–they are so hopeful and trusting. They only expect good things to come tomorrow, and the day after. They can certainly be impatient about it. However,they do have faith knowing it’s coming. And they usually make us crazy until it happens. Reality sets in as they grow older and they realize what you are hoping for doesn’t always happen.

The dictionary meaning of the word optimistic is hopeful and confident about the future. It is a good thing to be an optimistic person. We should all work at being optimistic. It’s good for us – it’s good for the people around us to be expecting the best.

However, if we are striving by wishful thinking with nothing to base it on- it indeed is only wishful thinking.
To truly expect and wait for the best to come, you need a foundation for that hope. If someone wants to be a billionaire, they need to do something. Start a business, invest wisely, have a rich uncle or at least by lottery tickets. Then there’s a hope perhaps the best is yet to come.

Only those who have the solid foundation of their life and house built on Christ and His word – can say and expect the best is yet to come. Others, outside of Christ can say they think, they hope, but we can know! Because we are on the solid ground. Not only is be best yet to come here, but when we die that’s when the epitome of the best has come for us, and it is forever and ever!

In the midst of a nation and the world on a disaster course, with no end soon in sight – we as Christians can sing the song… the best is yet to come. For we are not hooked up to the world system only. We have been translated in to the Kingdom of light. Our citizenship is in heaven. Though we live, breathe and enjoy this world, our hope for the best is in God, in His promises and faithfulness. The best is yet to come for us starts the minute we begin walking with God.

David tells us he would have lost heart unless he believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. That is what gives courage and strengthens to our heart in the hard times. Now that’s great advice. (Psalm 27:13-14)

It’s the waiting that’s the hard part. If we just knew when and where,and how we’d be fine!But that’s not faith – and the whole Christian life is by faith. Without faith it is impossible to believe God.

This great truth is the light of our heart and days. Even when things are not looking great we can know the sun is still shining behind the clouds.These dark clouds will pass for us one day. Meanwhile, know He is our strength and our joy. Be expecting those clouds to pass.

We march to the tune of a heaven set beat. And no matter what situation, occupational, marital state, or financial state, relational – we have the power of the promise the best is yet to come, and it’s sealed by the faithfulness of God.

He is the Blessed Controller of all things and loves us!

When you think you are down for the count,be expecting to rise again.There’s no falling down and I can’t get up for us. He promises though we fall seven times we will rise again, for He holds us by His hand. (Prov 24:16)

Be expecting big things of God. You have a great big God. No matter what your circumstances or your not yet filled dreams,be patient. Unfortunately, God is not always on our time schedule!

George Washington Carver was such a man. He was born a slave in 1864, and before he died he accomplished more than many people do in several lifetimes. He was a man who walked with God. He had the audacity to ask God to reveal the mystery of the universe. God said, I don’t think so George. But God said He would reveal the secrets of the peanut to George!

God used George Carver to develop 300 products from peanuts and 118 from the sweet potatoe. George helped establish the Tuskegee Institute which became one of the leading schools of higher learning for African Americans.

These are only a few things that George Washington Carver accomplished. He is an amazing example of power or one who expected and asked God for the impossible in spite of their circumstances.

No matter how dark your day,problems, there’s power in believing and expecting God for the impossible.

We to need to dream big for tomorrow,and be expecting. God loves it when we ask big things of Him and then wait.

The word says we have not because we ask not. So let’s ask and expect. I have a plaque over my desk that says. When you pray. Sometimes God says yes. Sometimes God says no. Sometimes God says, you have got to be kidding me!

He wants us to pray those you are kidding me prayers. And then be expecting.

In the famous twenty third psalm David says.. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; And I will dwell in the house of the Lord Forever.

You can start with expecting a good tomorrow!