Everybody wants to be happy! Me. You. Everyone.

It is even written into the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson as one of our rights is “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Don’t Worry, Be Happy. The catchy – happy song by Bobby McFerrin that makes you want to dance– makes you smile.

However, there is no solution in that song on how to be happy.

Some truths are hidden in it – but no solution – someone took your bed – no money for the rent – don’t worry be happy. That is hard to do when someone takes your bed, or you are faced with an eviction notice. I song just won’t do it.

Yes, life can be hard.

We certainly shouldn’t be surprised, for as Job tells us, men are born to trouble as the sparks fly heavenward (Job 5:7).

But, singing the Bobby McFerrin song is not going to take care of your situation.

There is another who has told us, that in this world we will have trials and tribulations, but we can have His peace, and be of good cheer for He has overcome the world (John 16:33).

Jesus gave us the problem as did McFerrin. However, Jesus gave us the solution. He is the solution. He is with us in our troubles. He gives us peace and wisdom as we look to Him, He takes us through it – and He says the best is yet to come as we wait on Him.

Only God can make, and keep those promises.

He tells us as we wait upon Him, that we are to be patient, keep looking to Him, and believing He is faithful to keep His promises. No matter what we see.

The “trick” to being happy, and having the best to come, is to not look at what is going on. Not to look at what people say. Not to listen to the lies of the enemy, and what he says will happen.

But, to look instead to God, and His word filled with promises for every crisis that is, and is to come!

There was a woman, whose prophet husband died; and they were going to take her two sons to be the creditor’s slaves. You certainly have a situation here not only not to be happy, but to be fearful for them and their future, and for her and her future.

Maybe you too, are in a desperate, or soon to be desperate situation. You can sing the Bobby McFerrin song all you want, and it is not going to change anything except maybe put a smile for a moment on you face.

But, this godly woman knew her God. She believed in His promises, and didn’t look too long on her situation. She looked to God. She went to Elisha, who as a prophet, was the way to God in the OT. She whistled the happy tune of faith and the word of God. Which said He takes care of His widows, and said the people of God’s children will not be seen begging for bread

Elisha asked her what she had. She said I have nothing but one jar of oil. He told her to go and borrow many vessels from her neighbors. When she had borrowed as many as she could, Elisha told her to pour from her oil vessel into the empty ones.

She didn’t question.

She didn’t give Elisha a hard time.

She did what he said. She filled the vessels till they were all filled.

Elisha told her to go and sell the oil, and pay off her debt. And there would be enough for her and her sons to live on! What a God (2 Kings 4:1-7).

She indeed was able to sing a song of faith, knowing somehow, someway, God had the best yet to come for her.

In our situation, God may tell us to do something, as He told the widow to go and borrow empty vessels. Or He may tell us just to be still, and wait on Him. We need to turn to Him, ask for wisdom, and then listen for His voice and direction.

Then as we wait for the best to come, we can sing the song of faith.

We too, if we look not at our very real, or soon to come situation, and look to God and His faithful promises, can sing our song of faith. We, too will know that God, as always, has our best yet to come.

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