There are times we wake up in the morning and just want to close our eyes, pull the covers over our heads, and hide! It’s called the “ostrich syndrome.” I’ve had it- you’ve had—we all have had it—more than once!

However, the day will go on whether we stay in bed or not. We’ll just have to meet it later—so we might as well just get up now.

We have our plans. Others make plans for us. Then there is the unplanned which will invade our day., ready or not. We can never totally know what a day will bring. Some of these, we may want to change, but can’t. However, there is something we can change which will make all the difference—our attitude.

We can change our perspective. Instead of dreading the day and trying to hide, we can DECIDE to embrace the unknown day before us.

Notice I didn’t say we would feel like embracing the day – I said we decide to embrace the day.

Maybe you are thinking, what on earth does that mean? I hug the day like a child or a loved one? No. One of the meanings of the word embrace (of which I’m using here) “is an act of accepting or supporting something willingly or enthusiastically.”

I hope you agree this is really good advice.

There are two ways to do this. We can make a decision no matter what the day brings we’ll accept it, or support it enthusiastically. We can do this in your own human strength.

It is definitely much better to face the day with anticipation of good meeting us.

However, I have an even better way. As a Christian we have the strength of God. He will help us get through no matter whatever awaits..

He reminds us in the word who had made this day, and every other day. He also tells us what our response should be to it. This is the day the LORD has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it. Ps 118:24 (NKJV)

Notice He didn’t say to only rejoice if it was a good and pleasant day. He said each day we WILL rejoice for He has made it. It is an act of our will in obedience.

Therefore, in the morning before our feet hit the floor, we should decide to embrace the day, no matter what. Give whatever it holds to God, trusting He works all things for our good.  It makes it easier to put a smile on our face, put aside the covers, and get up.

We also never know what special moments might be waiting for us besides those things we’d like to forget or detour.

Think of the blind beggar who sat by the side of road begging as usual. His hopes were probably that people would be generous today. He was perhaps hoping no one would mock him, that  kids wouldn’t throw stones at him.   However, hidden in the minutes of his ordinary day was Jesus walking by. Come the end of his day—he was blind no more! He no longer had to beg!

Mary Magdalene was a marked woman. People most likely walked a wide circle around this woman who was possessed with demons. But, one day like every other, where she dreaded leaving her house—Jesus met her and set her free. How good it was that Mary didn’t stay in bed with her head covered.

One morning there might be on your to-do list something you can’t avoid, and you know is going to take every ounce of strength you have and then some. If you can’t embrace the day—you can choose to embrace Jesus. He will carry you through it, and give you strength and wisdom. He’ll make sure you get to the other side. You can walk through holding His hand, knowing He’s got you covered.

It tells us in the famous twenty third psalm that though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death (which is every day of our lives) we will fear no evil because He is with us!  Not only that, He has set a table before us in the presence of our enemy.  Every day He is with us, and every day He has a table set fresh. Now that’s a day we can embrace.

The choice is ours.