If you are familiar with the book of Esther in the bible you know Esther was a young Jewish girl in Sushan, Persia. Her life was uneventful until the King’s decree for a new wife went out. All the beautiful unmarried girls were recruited to go for a live-in, yearlong, beauty preparations in the palace women’s quarters. After which the King would choose his new bride.

As Esther left for the palace, her cousin Mordecai, who brought her up, told not to reveal she was Jewish. She wisely agreed. A year later Esther was the new Queen. Unknown to her she was chosen by God to save her people.
Because Esther was obedient and brave, she saved the entire Jewish population. As Mordecai told her, she was born such a time as this. Esther could have chosen to be quiet, to do nothing and hopefully be safe. Or Esther could put her life on the line, step out in faith, and be the savior of her people. She did what she could trusting God, and the Jewish people were saved from annihilation!

We most likely will never be called upon to save a group of people. However, along our daily road there are always opportunities to light a person’s darkness, to lend a helping hand. In case you haven’t noticed, life can be hard for all of us at times.

As Esther was called upon to sacrifice for others—we are too. Is there someone you think could use a call, a visit, a card, a text an email? It takes only a few minutes out of our busy day to bless someone else. God is so good, and as we bless others, He blesses us.

Human nature wants us to think it’s all about us, our wants and our needs. However, God’s ways are not man’s ways. When we put Him first, and follow His promptings and reach out to others—our lives are filled with joy and peace. An added benefit is He makes sure each day has enough hours, energy, wisdom and power to get done whatever He has set before us— even those things we didn’t think we had enough time for! You can’t beat that!

We are told in God’s word to walk in kindness toward one another, to not only think on our needs and desires, but to think on others also. If we give a cup of cold water, visit someone in prison, pick someone up– we do it for Him. If we care, and reach out to the orphans and widows, we are being His heart and hands in our part of the world. We can brighten someone’s day by an uplifting word, or a smile.

If we look–there will always be opportunities.

If the world is going to see what Jesus is like, it will be in you and me. It is through us they will see our good works, and glorify God. Even if they don’t consciously do that, they can have the joy of knowing someone cared enough to stop for a moment and touch their life.

Let us ask God daily to help us to be willing, and then to look for an occasion to be His representative, and brighten someone’s day. I know He will smile, and make sure we see His answer. Then He will enable us by His Spirit to do whatever is required.

We all are created and called to be His light and salt in our place and time. We may not be a queen, but we can be a blessing to those we come in contact with. It may not be a tribe of people—but to that one person we can be a help. There is the story of a young boy who walked along the beach where many starfish had been washed ashore. He would pick up and throw some of them back in the water. A man came along and told the young boy you can’t save all of them—there are too many to make a difference. The boy responded that for sure he couldn’t –but for those he threw back in it made a difference.

Whatever age, position, job or vocation we have. Whatever nationality, education, or financial means, whatever talents are ours—we are called for such a time as this! Let us be on the lookout for someone to whom we can make a difference. Then at the end of our lives we will hear those words—well done good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of the Lord.

It’s for these we are call for such a time as this. For Him, and through His power, we make a difference for those He brings our way. And it is from Him we will receive our reward, and will hear the words, well done good and faithful servant.