Hungering for more with God? The Best is Yet to Come is a go-deeper-higher devotional for women wanting more from their time spent with God. Sixty devos filled with the word, biblical and real life examples light the way to the secret place. Each one comes with a targeted prayer and personal challenge to help apply it to your daily life.

He’s waiting!

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The Best is Yet To Come

Welcome to Best is Yet to Come page. Below is a sample devotion from the book. Since I first came to know the Lord I’ve had a love and passion for Him and for His word. One thing that has been a part of my personal devotional life has been a good devotional book. I especially enjoy those that include a prayer and some type of application, or challenge to help me apply in my life. I therefore have included it in my book too. I pray this devo will touch your heart in some way to realize what an adventure our Christian life can be. (If you are not sure you truly know the Lord in a personal way, or have never made the first life-eternity-changing decision for Christ, please read the second devotion titled Which Door, which is a short version of my salvation experience.

#30. Red Hot Prayers:

…The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective (James 5:1b6 NIV).

Kids know how to ask—and they know how to ask with passion—when they really want something. Yet, if they ask and don’t seem to care enough to ask again, usually we don’t care either.

However , if your daughter comes and throws herself on the floor, grabs your feet, and groans that she absolutely will die if she doesn’t get such and such—and then offers to do dishes for a month and throws in a massage—you know she really wants it.

I believe it’s not much different with God. Sometimes He’d like to see a little desire and passion when we come with our list. John Knox, the Protestant Reformer, was such a man. His beloved Scotland was without the gospel and soaked in superstition. In the midst of this, John Knox was known for his preaching and passionate prayers.

One time John knelt to pray in the garden of his church and was overheard crying out in agony of spirit, “Great God, give me Scotland, or I die.” This godly man’s prayers of passion began the transformation of Scotland. He died with Scotland a paragon of Christianity.1

Hannah was childless; she too ran to God in anguish and bitterness of soul. She passionately poured her heart before Him. Hannah so desired a male child, she promised to give him back to the Lord. God heard the passionate cry of Hannah and answered. She became the mother of Samuel the prophet (1 Sam 1).

Through the years I have prayed many prayers, and God graciously has answered many (I’m still waiting for some). I’ve prayed at times as if I had a shopping list, and others times I have prayed with great zeal and desire.

One prayer heavy on my heart was a double header. Having been disappointed several times, my son John and his wife Holly  were going again to see if she was pregnant. The same day, my daughter Maria Elena, and I were going to the doctor with my grandson J.C. to see if he needed more surgery (he had already been through several).

I cried out, “Oh Lord, please, don’t let it be one without the other.” I wanted both! The family was able to celebrate God’s goodness to us. Not only was Holly pregnant—it was twins. Not only did J.C. not need surgery—the doctor was so impressed with his recovery,  he wanted to use him as a case study.

My passion, our passion—moved the heart of God.

God not only looks for prayers with passion—He wants to hear some BIG prayers. Prayers that only He could answer.  A plaque I have expresses it well:

God Answers All prayers
Sometimes He says Yes
Sometimes He says No
And Sometimes He says… You’ve got to be kidding!

 I have a feeling when Elijah prayed for no rain, God said, “You got to be kidding me, Elijah!” However, the earnestness of Elijah brought the answer from heaven; it didn’t rain for three and one half years—all because one man prayed (James 5:17-18).

Prayer: “Oh, Lord, teach me to pray BIG prayers that delight You with their passion. Amen”

Make It Yours: Go over your prayer list. Pick one that’s dear to your heart. Find a verse that covers it and pray it with passion, reminding God of what He has promised in His word.



Convocation Address by D. James Kennedy, Ph.D.


#60 Which Door?

I am the gate (door); whoever enters through me will be saved. He will come in and go out, and find pasture (John 10:9 NIV).

     The Price is Right since 1972 has been a popular TV game show. If the contestant make it to the end, the announcer says, “Which door will it be?”  Three closed doors-one with the big prize behind. The show is great fun, the contestants go home with a prize or cash. However which door they chose wasn’t life transforming. 

   Yet, everyone is faced with doors of opportunity throughout life, in marriage, a job, a move, etc. Sometimes the decision not only changes our life, but the lives of others. 

     However, there’s one door that not only changes your life on this earth—but will affect your eternal destiny.

It’s the door of salvation.

I was twenty-seven before I heard the way of salvation was other than being good. I was living the normal merry-go-round life of a wife and mother of two. Except it wasn’t so merry sometimes.

I put myself under such pressure, even a simple phone ringing sent me for the bottle of tranquilizers.  Then the unexpected death of my parents shook my already unsteady world.

Besides my deep grief, I now had big questions. What happens when you die? What is life all about?  I tried going back to my childhood church whose hypocrisy had years ago turned me off of religion. They had no answers for me. Seeking peace and answers, I increased the speed of my merry-go-round.

God being so merciful, pursued me until I found Him.  He sent Donna Falta into my life. Through her love and prayers, she led me to the doorway of salvation.

She gave me a Bible and patiently answered my myriad of questions. I learned I couldn’t work my sin away, I couldn’t do enough good works to get to  heaven. It was Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who had already earned my way for me (Rom 5:8). Donna told me if I’d even if I’d been the only one, He loved me enough to die just for me!

No words can describe what happened in my life once I chose to go through the open door of salvation. God gave me true peace and joy, and a love for Him and His Word.

No matter what life has brought, no matter which doors I have chosen, I have weathered it—for He is the Source of my peace and joy. While I didn’t become instantly perfect, He began a gentle work which is still going on. 

Each day is indeed an adventure with Him—and it keeps getting better.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16 NIV).

Prayer:  “Thank you Father, for your Son Jesus Christ who died, was buried, and rose again for my sins. I come by faith and ask You to forgive me. I surrender myself to you, and thank You for coming into my life. I believe Your promises are true, and I am now Your child by faith.  Amen.” (If you know the Lord, thank Him again for His precious gift of salvation).

Make it yours:  If you have prayed this prayer for the first time, tell someone (I’d love to hear from you via email- web site). Look for a Bible-believing, preaching church and start attending faithfully. Read the Word daily and obey it.

If you know the Lord, ask Him for someone with you can who you share your testimony with today, or soon.