Life is filled with ‘in the meanwhile.’ From a young age when you can’t go out to play because it’s raining you’re told meanwhile find something to do. As an adult perhaps your boss gives you a pink slip. Then says meanwhile, here’s a severance check, and the name of an agency that might help you find another job.  When your heart’s broken because your longtime loved one gave you a pink slip. Friends  say– you’ll get over it—meanwhile you’ll find someone else eventually.True, but not quite what you want to hear at the moment.

Most meanwhiles are not fun. They usually means  you are betwixt and between.  We do not like betwixt and between. Even when it’s a good thing we are waiting for.

It’s not any different when waiting on God.

We are generally in a hurry. We want to know what it is we’re waiting for. When we know, we want to know when, and or/how. But, but, but, it’s much different when in the meanwhile with God!

I have a dear sister in the Lord who has a heavy unknown future ahead. I had prayed before I called that God would give me something for her. He did. And now I pass it one to you. If you or I don’t need it today – unfortunately, we will tomorrow or the next day.  For life is filled with meanwhiles for us all.

I offer you a biblical/true/tried/comforting formula.

#1. Be still.

#2. You are only in a meanwhile.

#3. God’s Grace surrounds you.

#4. Fight while you wait.

BE STILL.  The first and most wonderful thing about our God’s promises is—He is with us.  He says be still because He is God. We are not God. We cannot know the outcome of our situation. He, and He alone can know what to do, when to do it, and what  the outcome will be. We may think we know the what and when to assure the right outcome. However, we are limited because there is only so much we can know or even guess. We also are limited because the end we might  be desiring may not be the best end for us.  God alone knows what the best end is for us.

When in the midst of our storm of unknowns, God tell us again n again—be still. Stop fretting, He is our refuge and strength. He is with us. He will get us to the other side. And He shall not be shaken. So – just be still and trust Him. (Psm 46)

MEANWHILE. In the meanwhile where you are waiting,  and being still in Him, it important to know that it is only a meanwhile. It’s not our permanent home. We are only temporarily camped out on the way to home-free. It’s when we think it will never pass, when we think we are here forever, that we can panic and lose faith.  The good solid, unshakeable truth is our affliction is but for a moment, and will have a glorious outcome. The trial we are going through is for just a little while.  So—remember be still.  He is God not you.  And it’s only for the meanwhile. (2 Cor 4:17; 1 Peter 1:5-6)

It may be your meanwhile is not an affliction- but you are in holding pattern waiting on the fulfillment of a God promise. I can identify for sure. God promised  me I would be writing a book for Him. A very specific book. Well, I was in a holding pattern for over 26 plus years. I had articles published, one book published, another one out next month, but not the one promised. Well, my meanwhile is over!  It will be out next year. Also,God’s timing is better than mine. I’m much more prepared to write that book now than 26 years ago. Hopefully your meanwhile won’t be that long.  Do remember Abraham and Sarah. They waited twenty-five years. But the baby came.  Be patient—your baby will come.

       GRACE. While you are being still, knowing He is God, knowing it’s only a temporary meanwhile, you can be assured that His grace is sufficient for you! There is no situation, circumstances, or person, that’s bigger than His grace. His grace is sufficient. It stretches with our need and beyond. He is more than enough. He is our grace, and He is with us. A shining example of God’s grace is Joseph. God had given Joseph a prophetic dream. Then all hell broke loose. Joseph’s brothers were going to kill him. Greed won over, and they decided to sell him into slavery instead.  Eventually, he was thrown into prison for something he didn’t do. Then Joseph was forgotten by someone who promised to help him. However, in his meanwhile Joseph availed himself of God’s grace. Joseph himself said God was with him, and gave him favor and grace. He knew God was in control of him and His future. Yours and mine too! (2 Cor 12:9; Gen 39:4,21; 41:50-52; 50:20)

 FIGHT. While we are being still, knowing He is God, knowing this is only a temporary meanwhile—we are to fight. By nature you may not a fighter. I’m not. But, by the new birth we are now permanently in a war zone. Fighter or not – we better fight or we will be out for the count. Fear not, we have all we need to win. It comes with our new citizenship in the Kingdom of God. While we are in the meanwhile we are to sing, rejoice and praise Him. We are told that it is a weapon. It doesn’t say we are to feel like it. He says we are to do it!  We do it because He is God, because He is in control of our live, because He is with us, because it’s only a temporarily meanwhile. Now that’s something to sing about. We can praise ourselves to joy as we wait. (Psalm 149:5-9; Eph 6:10-18)
Turn your meanwhile into a place of joy and anticipation!!