So many of us are tempted to sit it out when the trials and the hard times come. I know because I have. Just give up! It’s not worth it! It’s been forever! Nothing is going to change! I have mulled on these thoughts, and then some. I’m sure the Lord laughed. I’m sure the devil thought he had me.

What the devil didn’t take into account was the love and grace of God, and His word. God promises that though the righteous falls, we are never out for the count. He promises that in the midst of our trial He is with us. And He whispers to us—just keep walking. I’ve got your back! He promise while the tears may flow today, tomorrow the joy comes! Even as when everyone forsook Paul, the Lord came alongside and stood with Paul.

Jesus, when He was in the trial of a million lifetimes, the angels came and strengthened Him. They gave Jesus what He needed to get up and keep walking. We, too, have to know that whatever comes, whatever is, in our life, we are never alone. We can know by the faithfulness of God that He will never give us more than we can handle. He gives us what we need to see it through. We need to just keep walking, and looking to Him at the finish line cheering us on. We can never know when the next step will bring us through our deep trial. Keep walking by faith, knowing the best is yet to come because God is in control.

Some trials are over quickly as with Paul & Silas.They were hot, tired, hungry, and hurting from being beaten, and deep in a dark prison. God strengthen them, and they sang praises to Him. So loud that all the prisoners heard. God heard their praises, and sent an earthquake! There is indeed power in praise.

However, not every saint of God is delivered quickly, or at all. But, He is with each one of us till the end. Joseph was someone who loved and served God faithful for years when he was in captivity. He was a slave, and then a prisoner, through no fault of his own. However, Joseph kept walking, trusting God that the best was yet to come for Him. We, too, have to keep walking no matter how long our trial maybe.

Joseph was rewarded for keeping faithful, and for keeping walking, and waiting on God. The day came when the Pharaoh’s jail keeper came down the deep stairs of Joseph’s prison dangling the keys to his cell. In one short day, Joseph went from a prisoner, to the second under Pharaoh over all Egypt!!

What a difference a day makes. We need to keep walking.

You may be in a pit of despair, or mourning the death of a loved one, in a great financial need, or someone has left you, or hurt you deeply, maybe you are on the verge of joblessness, or homelessness. If it’s not any of these, there is a list miles long to choose from. Whatever it is, you don’t know if you will ever recover. You don’t know if you’ll ever smile again.

Life is hard!

But, we need to get up and keep walking. The sun will shine again. God says, through Job, our mouth’s will yet be filled with laughter, and our lips with rejoicing.

A Chinese man had his young son kidnapped by human traffickers. The man never gave up. For years he road through China on his motor bike looking for his son. He keep walking. He kept believing the best was yet to come. And one day it did! Twenty four years of walking and believing—he found his son! (World Magazine 7/31/21).

May this man be an inspiration to us all to keep walking, to keep trusting God. Knowing that If we don’t give up—the best is yet to come.

As we read in the 11th chapter of Hebrews, we know that all Christian’s are not delivered in this life even if they keep believing, and walking, and trusting God. However, God gave each one of them grace and strength for their journey. However, for each one of them, the best was yet to come as they entered glory. It was where they received rest from their labors, and a reward for their suffering for Christ sake.

In these uncertain times, none of us know what tomorrow holds for us. Even as our suffering fellow Americans, and Christians, in Afghanistan know not if they have a tomorrow. But, our God is in control, and gives grace, and strength, and wisdom as we pray and seek Him. As we keep walking by faith, listening for His still small voice, He will lead us through to the other side, or strengthen us where we are, for as long as we are there.

May God give us the grace to know He is with us, He uses everything for our good, and as we keep walking—the best is yet to come.

May we not be like the Hebrews who were supernaturally delivered by God from the Egyptians, who had walked through the Red Sea on dry ground, had water come out of a rock, had manna from heaven, and yet they couldn’t keep walking and trusting God, knowing the best was yet to come. They forgot all his miraculous watch care and provision. Instead they murmured and complained against God. The result, they all but two, perished in the wilderness!

Let’s keep walking, knowing with God the best is yet to come!