Are you thinking perhaps this is not going to be such a great day for you? Not so! Stop going by what you think or feel, and listen to God.   

There are some choices that are not ours to make; such as the weather. However, even when the weather is not so good, we can have a great day. For a child of God’s day doesn’t depend on anything other than us choosing to take Him at His word. For His word says that He uses everything for our good – yes, that does includes even the bad things.

We can have joy and peace in the midst of an actual hurricane, or in the midst of a hurricane in our personal life and/or space. We see many from the bible as was Joseph who had back to back devastating situations come into his life. For jealousy his brothers attempted to murder him. Who for greed decided to sell sell him instead as a slave. When he refrained from sinning, he was falsely accused and thrown in prison.

And that’s just part of it. (I think we all can identify with this to some degree).

However, in the midst of things falling in on him – things over which he had not control; Joseph purposed to keep his faith in God. Meanwhile, God was with him every step of the way and watched over him in captivity. Wherever Joseph turned he had favor from God.

Then one day God knew that Joseph was ready, he had the jailer come and set him free. And in one hour Joseph went from a slave to the second in command over all Egypt. Now that was we can call a good day! But each day up to that was a preparation for what God had for him.

We will never know how Joseph’s life would have turned out if he had turned bitter, resentful and turned away from God. I would take a good guess that he would not have been promoted as he was in each situation. I would take a guess that he would have been a unpleasant person to be around if he was a constant complainer.

We too can have the joy of trusting God no matter what our day brings today. As we walk by faith and not by sight- -knowing that God loves us, and has a good plan for our life. And promises us that as our days so shall be our strength. Now that’s a promise to carry with you.

Give your day to God and determine to enjoy it, even if the only thing you can rejoice in right now – is that you have God. He is more than enough.

And that, we can take that to the bank!

Make a decision to enjoy this day.