When we want or need something desparately-it is never fun to wait. However, more times than not, wait is what we have to do. But, if we keep our eyes on the Lord and wait on Him, and work while we wait–it will surely come–eventually!

I know me, and I always want it “now.”  Unfortunately, life and especially God is not always into “now!”  We live in a day of, “You can have it your way,” (Burger King’s most successful slogan), and “I-can-have-it-now.”

But God is not into slogans and quick fixes. He  is into making us more like Him, making us stronger, and more fit  for the work and life He has for us. And that takes time, patience and obedience. The outcome is always good and beautiful – for He is a good and a beautiful God.

However, when you are waiting on God (and what, or who, else is there to wait on?- for He is the Creator of all, He is in control of the breath in our body,  and He is the One who moves, or doesn’t yet move, upon someone to do, or something to be done.) Therefore we can wait with joy and patience.

The bible is full of people who walked with God, had promises from Him-and had to wait. Remember Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Elizabeth, etc etc. These great saints of God’s story’s are left in the bible so we too can be patient.

A modern day example is Pastor Yousef Nardakani of Iran  (of whom I wrote in January) who was in prison for almost three years for not denying Christ. A death sentence was over his head. He was away from his wife, children and church. He was given many opportunities to deny Christ and be released– but he didn’t.

He was praying to be released, his family was praying,  his church was praying, Christians around the world were praying. People from country’s who loved freedom of religion, rallied and lifted their voices – and still he had to wait.

Meanwhile, Pastor Yousef put his trust in God and not in his capturers. And one day in September, as with Joseph who was in prison, the steps of the jailer came down the hall with the keys of freedom. Pastor Yousef  had waited in faith on His faithful God. And it was for all the world to see.

Pastor has said that God was faithful, God was with him, God never left him, His grace was more than enough,  God gave him peace concerning his family and his outcome. And after waiting and waiting – he is now free. Free to give glory to God and to encourage us that we too can be patient as we wait on God.

Meanwhile, look up to Him, and He’ll give you the tune to whistle while you wait. Your day is coming. If you listen real good you can hear the jail getting ready to come down the stairs.