There are times when our tomorrow doesn’t seem like it will be a good one. That is life! We will have days of sunshine, and days of rain. Unfortunately, we will have some seasons of so much rain, we wonder if the sun will ever shine for us. Again, that is life. As someone has said – “We were never promised a rose garden.”

However, God has promised that He will never give us more than we can handle. He has promised no matter what happens tomorrow, He will be with us; though the waters may overflow—He will get us to the other side. Some people may say this is like whistling in the dark and psyching yourself up so you don’t get too discouraged. If you, or someone, is just be saying this to encourage ourselves—that is indeed true.

Like the lyrics of the song, “Tomorrow” (from the play Annie) “The sun’ll come out tomorrow so you gotta hang on ‘till tomorrow, Come way may.” These are great cheerful words, and even can put a smile on your face. But some songwriter made up these word and there is no power other than for the moment.

However, God’s word are not based on hype. They are founded on the God who is faithful to every word He has ever spoke. What He says is true. What He says can be counted on. What He say will come to pass.

When we get our eyes on our present problem, or the problem lurking in the minutes of tomorrow, we will surely faint. However, when we get our eyes on Him and His word, our future will indeed be bright and His hope living within us will never disappoint us (Prov 24:14 TPT).

We have all been disappointed. We have all disappointed others. That, too, is a part of life. But, God never disappoints! Unless, we are putting our hopes on things that we want to happen, but are perhaps not what God wants for us, or things that will not be good for us. We need to remember we are limited in our knowledge, and limited as to what we can see. Not only to do with yesterday, and with today, but especially with tomorrow. There is only one – who knows all what was, and is, and what is to be!

It is our God, who loves us, and wants the best for us, who is able to lead and guide to our bright future.

Even when things do not look good, as with Joseph who was a slave for 13 years, with Moses who lived on the back side of the desert for 40 years, Paul and Silas who were imprisoned. They all in time were set free and had a bright future.

However, there are those who were not, as with John the Baptist who was beheaded, and the many saints who were martyred for God (Heb 11:36-40).Today, too, there are our faithful brethren around the world who are persecuted, imprisoned and martyred for their faith. They are not always delivered. However, their future, our future, is bright because heaven is our future! We are just passing through. Our true permanent citizenship is in eternal glory.

So, whether we are delivered soon, later, or never, we can look forward to, and rejoice because our eternal future is bright.

This future is one that can’t be destroyed, or stolen, or hidden. For the Keeper and Protector of our bright future is Jesus Himself! Our future is indeed bright.